math numbers game

Maths is a word that is synonymous to terror, not only for the high school scholars but also for the little preschoolers. Also, parents are not far behind when it comes to bearing the pain of Maths while teaching their young ones. But why fret when some super brainy subject experts, adorning their hat of skills and expertise are experimenting continuously to churn out a worthy educational alternative for your kids?
Yes, Classteacher Learning Systems, has successfully devised an app, rather a game, that will definitely prove to be a brain tonic for your kid. The app is adorned with 6 vital concepts that are essential in preschool mathematics. This virtual delight is a package, furnished with alluring graphics, sound and voice support, that will not only help your little brat develop cognitive skills but also provide him/her with hours of fun and entertainment. The 6 vital concepts included in the app are-

1. Learn Counting
2 . Write Numbers
3 . Number Names
4 . Greater Smaller
5 . Connect Dot
6 . Missing Numbers

Now, with all this packed in one enticing app, who would worry about imparting pre-school maths to the springing little ones? With few interactive activities, you can be sure of making a young mathematician out of your child. Try!


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